Thursday, September 19, 2013

Start of School Year!

I hope all of your kids have all of their pencils, backpacks, sports equipment and thinking caps on!
Mine sure do!

It's that time of year again Issaquah Parents! Time for Legislative Assembly, Elections, and Levies.

If you are not registered to vote, you have until October 7th to register! Here is a link!


Volunteers for Issaquah Schools will be very active this year beginning a campaign for our School Levy which will be expiring soon. We will vote on the Levy on FEB. 11th. This levy will cover three items:

Maintenance: Maintenance supports the investment the community put into the 2012 Bond. Have you loved seeing the construction happening? Is your kid excited about a new school or improvements?

Technology: Technology is not covered by State funds. Its up to our community to make sure our kids and teachers have the tools they need in a technology based world. The technology piece will also enhance security for our schools.

Transportation: This part of the levy package will ensure that our transportation is in line with state standards.

For more information, please visit the District Website which has more detailed explainations, and gives information on the tax breakdown.

Legislative Assembly 

PTA Legislative Assembly is on Oct 18th - 19th. Please attend PTA general meeting on Sept. 23rd at 7pm  for a presentation of what we are looking at this year for Washington State PTA legislative platform. 

I will be attending Legislative Assembly with Heather Berry your co-president, at IVE and I'm hoping to have ONE MORE volunteer to attend with me at Seattle Marriott (expenses paid) for the two days we will be in Seattle.

Please take the Legislative Survey, especially if you will not be at the first general meeting, so your VOICE IS HEARD! Our kids depend on us to speak up for them!
Here is a link to the PTA advocacy center, click on the "Take the Survey" link. I will get the results of this survey, and will represent IVE PTA at Legislative Assembly.


This November we will be electing mayoral candidates, and School Board candidates. Stay informed! Please see my previous post on a candidate forum available to the Community through the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce. Also please note that campaigning for candidates under a PTA event or advocating for candidates under your PTA member title is prohibited. Otherwise, stay informed and get involved! This election matters to our kids! 

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