Friday, February 1, 2013

Homework Meetings

If you live in the Issaquah School District you may have been asked to attend a "homework meeting." These meetings or otherwise known as "focus groups" are being organized by Betsy Cohen, Legislative Director for the Issaquah School District PTA Council.

These groups are to help get an idea of how parents and teachers view homework, collect your ideas, and present them in a meaningful way to our school board. If you did not get a chance to participate in your meeting, contact your PTA president and ask if they can direct you to a meeting that has not taken place yet. The results of the public comment collected by the groups will be used to construct a survey. You may participate in the survey even if you attended a focus group.

The purpose of the survey is to reach people who may not otherwise have an opportunity to participate or give comment, and to consolidate information.

There will be many opportunities for input on the homework discussion. Thank you if you did attend or lead a focus group.

Thanks for all you do for kids!