Sunday, October 20, 2013

Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly

Hello Parents and Teachers of Issaquah Schools,

I just returned from PTA legislative assembly. Thank you to IVE parents and teachers for trusting me with your voice.

Thank you for speaking up for your kids through the survey the PTA sent out on our issues, and for participating in discussion of the issues at our General Meeting in September.

This year the top issue for all parents according to the survey, was Background Checks for all gun purchases. PTA parents and teachers felt this was a common sense solution to preventing weapons from being in the hands of people who can't pass a background check. PTA position is that all gun sales should be subject to background checks.

Background Checks for all gun purchases was the top issue/priority for IVE parents and teachers. I took the floor at Legislative Assembly to speak up for the issue. The points I made were:

  1. IVE parents and teachers asked that this be the top priority. 
  2. IVE parents and teachers feel this is a common sense measure which will help keep children safe. 
  3. People selling guns will now have another source to insure their private sales go to responsible gun owners. 
Other issues which have been adopted to our platform are: 
  • Sufficient and Equitable Funding for highly capable learners
  • Support for equal access to quality public schools and instruction for ELL students
  • Access, Opportunity and Equity for Special Education students
Resolutions are things that PTA will always work toward. 

  • Added "Ensuring the provision of high quality special education services and accommodations to improve outcomes for all students with disabilities and special needs to Public Education Policies and Funding. 
  • Add "Social Emotional Learning" to Safe Nurturing Environments for Children and Youth" (An IVE PTA priority). 
  • Add "Prevention of trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse of minors" to Safe and Nurturing Learning Environments for Children and Youth. 

Following is a link to Washington State PTA website where you can read more about advocacy and our platform which we as a Parent and Teacher driven organization advocate for adoption in the Washington State Legislature. 

Following is a link to find your legislator. Send them an email so they know what you care about. 

Following is a link to the Region 2 PTA Facebook page. Here you will find out what Region 2 is doing to advocate for kids. Like the page and find out what you can do to participate. //