Monday, January 7, 2013

Sandy Hook

With the aftermath of Sandy Hook Elementary school most of us are stunned and horrified.

The best thing we can do for our children is to make sure they know they are safe at school.

Many parents have bombarded their PTA legislative reps with questions about school safety and gun control. I actually have not been posed with one question, but I still want to make sure you have information.

PTA position on gun control is to reinstate the ban on military style weapons, close the gun show loophole, make it illegal for people with violent criminal history to buy weapons, make it harder for mentally ill people to buy weapons, and harder to obtain products to build assault weapons or buy assault weapons online.

For more information see the PTA website at 

As with other PTA issues it is important to be clear when we are representing our own opinion and the position of the PTA. Our PTA's are expected to reflect the position of National and State PTA.

Katie Walmsley of CNN provided some resources for giving to the PTA, and community of Sandy
Hook. This information was taken from her article dated Dec. 21 titled, Help for victims of Sandy Hook

To send a message of condolence:

The US Postal Service has added a PO Box for those who wish to send letters of condolence to the residents of Newtown. Please address mail to: Message of Condolence, PO Box 3700, Newtown, CT 06470.

Sandy Hook Support Fund:

By Katie Walmsley, CNN
updated 11:46 AM EST, Fri December 21, 2012

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