Friday, December 20, 2013

Levies in February

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season, and enjoying the snow we had today! I'm sure all the kids loved having an extra day tacked on to their vacation.

This coming February, there will be three levies put before voters. These levies are important to the continued operation of our schools. Washington State schools are mainly funded through the local levy.

What is a levy?

Levies pay for our children's education and day to day operational costs for our schools. They pay for books, teacher salary, everything our kids need as far as learning goes.

Technology Levy? What is that?

Technology is not included in basic education, which is all the state funds for public schools. So in order for us to have updated technology in our classrooms, we have to make sure it is provided for.

What does the Bus Levy do?

The bus levy will enable the bus fleet serving our kids to run more efficiently, safely, and keep us in line with state safety standards. The bus levy allows us to keep operational dollars in the CLASSROOM.

I encourage you to vote YES for all three levies this coming February. When I was a young mother the first campaign I got involved in was for a school levy. In 2001, in Yelm, WA it was all about computers. I wanted my kid to have a computer in the classroom. Today, I want my younger kids to have the same benefits.

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